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Upcoming Litter
Now taking deposits! 

Due January 2022

Sire:  "Beiley"

Dam:  "Della"

beiley side.jpg



FTCH, Intl. FTCH Beiley's Aguzannis Of Fendawood 

sfgd runnin' down a dream TKN, TKI, CCF1

To say the least, this breeding has been long awaited for us here at Surefire! We are proud to bring together who we feel, are the best pair that will not only better the breed, but will change the way you pick your next hunting companion.

We have had Labs for years, but questioned, "Did we get a pup from a dog who possesses the qualities we're looking for in a great hunting dog? Or did we get a pup from a dog that just submitted to a certain type of training?" Our past Labs were fantastic dogs, each in their own ways, but the difference is real.

These two Labrador Retrievers and their lineage, train, work and compete in the field solely with the use of psychological dog training techniques. These pedigrees have been held to a higher standard of breeding and training for generations. Why is this important? Because you can feel confident knowing you're getting a pup that absolutely has the traits, instincts, inherent qualities and desire.  

We are very proud of our stance; not only in our training, but to produce a litter of puppies based on generations of true innate hunting abilities which have been preserved, not masked or compromised by use of shock collar or force fetch.

Beiley is a very accomplished sire, who resides in the U.K. He has been deservedly titled, has won numerous prestigious awards and has qualified and/or placed in several events...collar and force free! He does his job because he enjoys it-like a well-bred Lab should.

Della also comes from a similar line of British and Irish gun dog champions. Her Grandfather is FTCH and 2x International Gun Dog League Championship winner, Delfleet Neon of Fendawood. Della is continuously earning titles and placing in events. So far, she has completed her AKC S.T.A.R. puppy (16weeks old), Novice Trick Dog Title (9 months old), Intermediate Trick Dog Title (at 10 months), and a Level I Fit Title (16 months). Della placed 2nd on her first attempt at an AKC Exterior Scent Work trial, and received 4th place at Interior Scent Work. At just a year old, she was judged in an AKC Virtual Top Dog Challenge and came in 1st place in the Labrador Retriever-Open Bitches category. 


We have brought this high-end line over from England and know this litter will be quality hunters with the utmost desirable temperaments, intelligence, drive, and trainability, that are just as compatible in home as they are superb and versatile in the field.

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