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Waterford Harris of Featherfly (Max) 2010-2021

Max was a handsome dog with a great temperament, quiet and laid back around home but with lots of drive and style when working. He was successful in Field Trials, becoming a Field Trial Champion at the age of 4 years and winning many awards on the way to his Champion status. 

Max's CV


1st Place – 2nd May, open working test – Eastern Counties Retriever Society

3rd Place – 9th & 10th Oct, open field trial – Coventry & District Gundog Society



3rd Place – 25th Aug, all-aged field trial - The Kennel Club

2nd Place – 27th Oct, open field trial – Cornwall Field Trial Society

1st Place – 14th & 15th Nov, open field trial – North Western Countries Field Trial Association

1st Place – 17th Nov, open field trial – Cornwall Field Trial Society



3rd Place – 9th Jan, open field trial – Wiltshire Gundog Society



Certificate of Merit – 25th Mar, mock field trial – East Midlands Gundog Club

Certificate of Merit – 19th Aug, open cold game test – Midlands Gundog Society

3rd Place – 24th & 25th Sept, open field trial – Labrador Retriever Club

Best Looking Dog – Labrador Retriever Club

Certificate of Merit – 5th Nov, open field trial, Afron Gundog Club

Guns Choice – 5th Nov, open field trial, Afron Gundog Club

2nd Place – 21st Nov, open field trial, Chiltern Gundog Society


3rd Place – 4th Jun, puppy working test – Coventry & District Gundog Society

3rd Place – 5th Jun, puppy working test – Leicestershire Gundog Society

3rd Place – 14th Sept, novice field trial – Clwyd Retriever Club

1st Place – 1st Oct, novice field trial – Eastern Counties Retriever Society

1st Place – 9th Dec, all-aged field trial – Essex Field Trial Society

Health Profile
BVA Hip Score 4/5
BVA Elbow Score 0/0
Clear Eye Certificate

DNA Tests
prcd-PRA Hereditary Clear
CNM Tested Clear
EIC Tested Clear
Dwarfism SD2 Tested Clear

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