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Positive Trained Retrieve

This is our dog-friendly alternative to Force Fetching. Our methods produce a reliable retrieve without the use of ear/toe pinching, shock collars, intimidation, discomfort or pain. 

Drive Building

We offer this program to dogs who may not have passed the formal evaluation process, but we feel could develop into a gun dog with just a little help. Some younger puppies may also need an extra boost in their drive development before starting the Upland Gun Dog program. This program is designed to help give these dogs a head start.

Preliminary Exposures (ages up to 5 months)

One week program set up for young pups to introduce hunting exposures like guns, birds and water as well as basic retrieving development, basic pointing development and basic recall work.

Started Upland Gun Dog (ages 6 months+)

The goal of this program is to get a gun dog ready for his/her first hunting season by teaching all the basics of foot hunting. Basic field obedience, whistle work, steady to wing, shot and fall, quartering and retrieving to hand are some of the skills learned in this one month program.

Finished Upland Gun Dog

This elite gun dog training program turns a started dog into a polished hunting dog. Covering advanced skills such as casting, blind retrieves, multiple retrieves and honoring (pointing breeds). Basic skills and some other elements learned in the Started Upland program are completed in this program.  

Advanced Waterfowl

From start to finish, this program focuses on turning your dog into a great waterfowl hunting companion. Dogs are taught to be steady by the blind amongst distractions and perform water retrieves only when released to do so. They will learn to search for, track and recover crippled ducks on/around water and in harsh cover. Additionally, your dog will mark and retrieve multiple fallen ducks on the water. 

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